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With modern vehicles becoming significantly heavier and much...

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We have researched the correct rotor temperature ranges...

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Proven to perform well on both street and track conditions, this...

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First impact mu-level is set at a high performance level...

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Drive Safe. Drive Clean. The M compound has been known for its...

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Vita Nuova is our most popular, entry level compound for the...

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Sports. Endless

Fade, brake controllability and braking force are...

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This brake pad was developed to enhance the feel of the...

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Type R   Type R
From winding to Circuit race, these Type R brake pads are great...

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Competition. Endless
RRP for Competition pads start from $450.00.
RRP for the N84M pads start from $900.00.

New compounds are always in development. Please contact us for further information.

Compound Material Purpose Friction Average Remarks
N20J Semi-Metal Rally & Sprint Race 0.28 - 0.33

If your car has brake booster, N20J can work well for Grevel of Gr.N

On Gr.A, you need high pedal pressure but having good modulation and suite for front of one make race like Civic.

MD51 Semi-Metal Winter Rally  0.35 - 0.40

This can start to work from low temp. So it's suite for winter rally.

The performance is similar to ME20, but the heat resistance is not so high like ME20.

ME22 Semi-Metal Rally & Sprint Race 0.33 - 0.38

ME22 has little bit lower friction level than ME20. And including much graphite for rlubricating.

So the friction is so stable and not shows high build up tendency in the braking.

ME20 Semi-Metal Rally & Race
0.35 - 0.40

This is standard pads for sprint and medium distance race.

It has high bite with good modulation. And many Lancer Gr.N car is running with this pads in rally event.

N03W Semi-Metal Rally & Race
0.38 - 0.43

N03W has lower friction than N35S with better modulation.

The character is similar to N35S, so the responding is good.

N35S Semi-Metal Rally & Race
0.40 - 0.43

This has high response with high bite. At high temp, it can lubricate well and work stable.

If ME20 is not enough high bite, you can choice this one.

PC35 Semi-Metal Rally & Race
0.40 - 0.45

This is modified based on N35S and shows stiff pedal and good wear.

The bite level is not different from N35S, but the responding is little bit quick. But you need long pre-bedding.

N30C Semi-Metal Rally & Race
0.50 - 0.60

If  you need high bite and good modulation pads for low grip circuite or tire, you can choice N30C.

This has so high bite, but we can control with pressure and pedal travel. Wear is quicker than others.

N84M Semi-Metal Endurance Race 0.30 - 0.35

The wear is very low and the friction level good enough for endurance race.

The modulation is excelent also. At some hard circuite for brake, you maybe better to use ME20 to down the temp.

YS455 Sintered Endurance Race 0.28 - 0.33

YS455 has quite good initial responding with high bite.

But when it met high temp (over 550C), the friction level drop so much and keep the performance with low wear.

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