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Brake Pads. Endless
After years of study in brake systems, Endless has developed the Endless Caliper System to achieve full potential braking.

To insure the capability of braking, the technologically advanced Endless Caliper has been researched, designed and tested on the Endless Advan Nissan Skyline BCNR33 GT-R in Japanese GT Championship.

  • The caliper is made from dicast aluminium composite with P6-standard heat treatment to improve weight reduction and strength which allows finer control on pedal.
  • Increase capacity of the brake system boots up the total brake potential of the vehicle in terms of fade resistance and durability.
  • Special heat control treated 6 slit rotor accelerates the formation of the oxidation layer, which deliver all the original capabilities of the pad.
  • The brake pads are designed and made with special material to suit the caliper.
  • Available in 4-pot or 6-pot caliper system.
  • For the inch up kit, the rotor size is increased to improve brake capacity for better control over heavy weight tuned cars and heavy competition use.

The unique design of different size pistons gives even pressure on the pads with maximum stable braking force.


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Caliper Type Caliper Size
(L x W x H) (mm)
Match Up
Wheel Size (inch)
Weight (g)
*BNR34 - 3,470g
Suggested Price
(a kit)
Micro Six

Super compact body, at around the size of a hand full.
214 x 117 x 63.4 14~ 1,724 $3,348
4 Pot Caliper

Made for various type of cars for the choice of low price brake system upgrade.
250 x 135-141 x 73.2 15~ 2,143 $2,891
6 Pot Compact Mini

A compact 6 pot caliper in which suits some original size disc rotor and able to fit in some 16" wheel.
266 x 135-141 x 73.2 16~ 2,629 $3,391
6 Pot Caliper

This caliper is able to accomondate as large as 355mm diameter disc rotor. Suitable for high power tuned car to meet adequent stopping force.
278.5 x 157 x 79 17~ 3,326 $3,463
Racing 6

Developed from the Japanese Gran Tourismo Porsche Race Car to suit your need in extreme motor racing. It can accomodate as large as 400mm diamemter disc rotor.
310 x 168 x 77.7 18~ 4.068 $6,037
Racing 4

Developed for the best match with large front caliper in total braking balance for the rear end of the vehicle.
266 x 141 x 73.2 17~ 2,618 $5,322

To use with original disc rotors
Comes with original size disc rotors
Comes with up sized disc rotors
Caliper x 2
Bracket x 2
Brake Hose x 2
Brake Pads
Caliper x 2
Bracket x 2
Brake Hose x 2
Brake Pads
Disc Rotor x 2
Caliper x 2
Bracket x 2
Brake Hose x 2
Brake Pads
Disc Rotor x 2
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