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Demo Car

Centrax Race Car - Honda Integra DC5 Type-R

Queensland Raceway Sprint track (lap time):
60.87 sec (9 Dec 2004)

Queensland Raceway Clubman track (lap time):
62.32 sec (10 Sep 2005)

Last Update: 23 September 2005
Power at the wheel: 139.8KW (max)
with MoTeC M400 ECU (tuned on 21 June 2005)

Inlet HONDA JDM inlet manifold.
MUGEN (genuine) airbox with air duct.
Exhuast MAXIMWORKS exhaust manifold with metal catalytic converter.
FUJITSUBO RM-01A cat-back exhaust system.
Cooling ARC Prestige-R 36mm radiator.
MUGEN (genuine) low temperature thermo stat & thermo switch.
Brake Endless compact mini 6 caliper inch-up system (front).
with 323mm 2-piece Racing disc rotor.
Endless brake pads & straight-6 disc rotor (rear).
Endless teflon tube braided brake hoses.
Suspension ZEAL Super Function full-adjustable coil-over suspension system.
Chassis MUGEN (genuine) strut brace & lower control arm (front).
MUGEN (genuine) heavy duty engine/gear box bush kit.
HONDA JDM stabiliser bar (front & rear).
Wheel ENKEI NT-03 17x8JJ.
Tyre DUNLOP D-02G 225/45-R17.
Aero Parts MUGEN (genuine) aero bumper bar (front).
MUGEN (genuine) carbon fibre wing (rear).
Electronics MoTeC M400 ECU.
DEFI din-gauge (oil pressure, oil temperature & water temperature).
R-SPEC rev-speed meter.
ODESSEY dry cell battery.
CENTRAX earth wire.
Ignition NGK racing competition iridium spark plug.
Lubrication Endless R-504 racing engine oil, RF-650 racing brake fluid & WG7590 LSD gear oil.
MOTUL motocool factory-line coolant.
Others BRIDE Super Seat Rail.
WILLANS 3" 4-point racing harness.
CENTRAX oil catch tank.


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