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F3000 is ranked as the top formula in Japan. F3000 experienced its first run in Japan at the Suzuka Circuit in January, 1987. Endless blue brake pads made a sensational debut at this race.

At the end of the season, 70% of the entrants became users of Endless brake pads because of the high potential. Endless brake pads have won high credit in various categories on race fields from freshman class, N1, to F3000, and the market is still growing.

Endless started to develop parts such as disc rotors besides the brake pads.
Endless have set the goal of producing a braking system that is excellent in total balance.

In 1988, Endless applied ceramic welding technology for brake pads to disc rotors through research and development, and then, applied for a patent and a registration of designs. In the 1990s, Endless invented the master cylinder stopper, brake fluid with a higher standard than DOT standard, calipers and disc rotors especially for races.

In 1992, the Endless technological research institute was completed. At the same time, Endless purchased brake dynamo meters, which contributes to shortening the required time from development to manufacturing.

The other characteristic of Endless is, although it contradicts with time effectiveness, the operation is not fully automatic. By involving manual labour, Endless can inspect the products with their own eyes, believing it is the best system to avoid producing inferior goods.

It has been 11 years since Endless was founded.

Endless is now tackling an important issue in the age of automobiles. An SRS air bag and an impact-absorbing body are both intended to provide safety in the event of collision, which exactly matches the Endless commitment to protect a person.

However, Endless intends to provide safety before an accident happens through our braking system. What is required to prevent an accident is a brake that enables you to stop your vehicle safely and surely.

Endless has been conducting research and development through auto races, the scene of high-tech competition. Endless have applied the best quality and skill for their products by doing research and development which is based on their participation in various kinds of auto races, the scene of high-tech competition.

Endless strives to reduce the danger of collision by decreasing the stopping distance, and thereby establish a safe car oriented society: A highly efficiency brake pad for safe stopping.

This constitutes Endless Challenge for Safety.

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